Configuration overview

Overview of configuration options

The following configuration options are available:

  • System Scanner: Configuration of a system scan (on-demand)

  • Scan options

  • Action on detection

  • Archive scan options

  • System scan exceptions

  • System scan heuristics

  • Report function setting

  • Real-Time Protection: Configuration of a realtime scan (on-access)

  • Scan options

  • Action on detection

  • Further actions

  • On-access scan exceptions

  • On-access scan heuristics

  • Report function setting

  • Update: Configuration of the update settings, set-up of product updates

  • Set-up of product updates

  • Restart settings

  • Proxy settings

  • Web Protection: Configuration of Web Protection

  • Scan options, enabling and disabling the Web Protection

  • Action on detection

  • Web Protection scan exceptions: URLs, file types, MIME types

  • Web Protection heuristics

  • Report function setting

  • General:

  • Threat categories for System Scanner and Real-Time Protection

  • Application filter: Block or allow applications

  • Password protection for access to the Control Center and the Configuration

  • Security: block autostart function, complete system scan status display, product protection, protect Windows hosts file

  • WMI: Enable WMI support

  • Event log configuration

  • Configuration of report functions

  • Setting of directories used