File objects to be omitted for the System Scanner (Options available in expert mode only.)

The list in this window contains files and paths that should not be included by the System Scanner in the scan for viruses or unwanted programs.

Please enter as few exceptions as possible here and really only files that, for whatever reason, should not be included in a normal scan. We recommend that you always scan these files for viruses or unwanted programs before they are included in this list!

The entries in the list must not result in more than 6000 characters in total.

These files are not included in a scan!

The files included in this list are recorded in the report file. Please check the report file from time to time for unscanned files, as perhaps the reason you excluded a file here no longer exists. In this case you should remove the name of this file from this list again.

Input box

In this input box you can enter the name of the file object that is not included in the on-demand scan. No file object is entered as the default setting.

Avira config button points Exceptions

The button opens a window in which you can select the required file or the required path.
When you have entered a file name with its complete path, only this file is not scanned for infection. If you have entered a file name without a path, all files with this name (irrespective of the path or drive) are not scanned.


With this button, you can add the file object entered in the input box to the display window.


The button deletes a selected entry from the list. This button is inactive if no entry is selected.