Web server

The update can be performed directly via a web server on the Internet. (Options available in expert mode only.)

Web server connection

Use existing connection (network)

This setting is displayed if your connection is used via a network.

Use the following connection

This setting is displayed if you define your connection individually.

The Updater automatically detects which connection options are available. Connection options that are not available are grayed out and cannot be activated. A dial-up connection can be established manually via a phone book entry in Windows, for example.


Enter the user name of the selected account.


Enter the password for this account. For security reasons, the actual characters you type in this space are replaced by asterisks (*).

If you have forgotten an existing Internet account name or password, contact your Internet Service Provider.


The automatic dial-up of the updater through so-called dial-up tools (e.g. SmartSurfer, Oleco, etc.) is currently not yet available.

Terminate a dial-up connection that was set up for the update

If this option is enabled, the dial-up connection made for the update is automatically interrupted again as soon as the download has been successfully performed.

This option is not available under Vista and Windows 7. Under these operating systems the dial-up connection opened for the update is always terminated as soon as the download has been performed.

Web server