Web Protection protects you against viruses or malware that reach your computer from web pages that you load on your web browser from the Internet. The Scan options can be used to set the behavior of the Web Protection component. (Options available in expert mode only.)


Enable IPv6 support

If this option is enabled, Internet Protocol version 6 is supported by the Web Protection.

Drive-by protection

Drive-by protection allows you to make settings to block I-Frames, also known as inline frames. I-Frames are HTML elements, i.e. elements of Internet pages that delimit an area of a web page. I-Frames can be used to load and display different web content – usually other URLs – as independent documents in a sub-window of the browser. I-Frames are mostly used for banner advertising. In some cases, I-Frames are used to conceal malware. In these cases the area of the I-Frame is mostly invisible or almost invisible in the browser. The Block suspicious I-frames option allows you to check and block the loading of I-Frames.

Block suspicious I-frames

If this option is enabled, I-Frames on the web pages you request are scanned according to certain criteria. If there are suspect I-Frames on a requested web page, the I-Frame is blocked. An error message is displayed in the I-Frame window.