Action on detection

You can define the actions to be performed by Web Protection when a virus or unwanted program is detected. (Options available in expert mode only.)


If this option is enabled, a dialog box appears when a virus or unwanted program is detected during an on-demand scan, in which you can choose what is to be done with the affected file. This option is enabled as the default setting.

Show progress bar

If this option is enabled, a desktop notification appears with a download progress bar if a download of website content exceeds a 20 second timeout. This desktop notification is designed in particular for downloading websites with larger data volumes: If you are surfing with Web Protection, website contents are not downloaded incrementally in the Internet browser, as they are scanned for viruses and malware before being displayed in the Internet browser. This option is disabled as the default setting.

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If this option is enabled, no dialog box in case of a virus detection appears. Web Protection reacts according to the settings you predefine in this section as primary and secondary action.

Primary action

The primary action is the action performed when Web Protection finds a virus or an unwanted program.

Deny access

The website requested from the web server and/ or any data or files transferred are not sent to your web browser. An error message to notify you that access has been denied is displayed in the web browser. Web Protection logs the detection to the report file if the report function is activated.

Move to quarantine

In the event of a virus or malware being detected, the website requested from the web server and/ or the transferred data and files are moved into quarantine. The affected file can be recovered from the quarantine manager if it has any informative value or – if necessary – sent to the Avira Malware Research Center.


The website requested from the web server and/ or the data and files that were transferred are forwarded on by Web Protection to your web browser. Access to the file is permitted and the file is ignored.

The affected file remains active on your workstation! It may cause serious damage on your workstation!

Action on detection