Detection list

This function lists the names of the viruses and unwanted programs recognized by your Avira product. A convenient search function for the names is integrated.

Search detection list

Enter a search word or character sequence in the Search for: box.

Search for character sequence within a name

You can enter a consecutive sequence of letters or characters here on the keyboard and the marker moves to the first point in the list of names that includes this sequence – even in the middle of a name (example: “raxa” finds “Abraxas”).

Search from the first character of a name

You can enter the initial letter and the following characters here on the keyboard and the marker scrolls alphabetically in the list of names (example: “Ra” finds “Rabbit”).

If the name or sequence of characters searched for is available, the position found is marked in the list.

Search forwards

Starts the search forwards in alphabetical order.

Search backwards

Starts the search backwards in alphabetical order.

First match

Moves in the list to the first entry found.

Entries of the detection list

Under this title is a list of the names of viruses or unwanted programs that can be recognized. Most entries in this list can also be removed with your Avira product. They are listed in alphabetical order (first special characters and numbers, then the letters). Use the scroll bar to scroll up or down in the list.

Detection List