License management

The menu item License management in the Help menu opens the license wizard. This assistant helps you to license or activate your Avira product in an easy way.

Activate product

Activate this option if you already have an activation code and have not yet activated your Avira product. During the product activation, you are registered as a customer and your Avira product is activated with your license. You have received the activation code from us either by email or it has been printed on the product packaging.

The activation of the program can be performed repeatedly with a valid activation code, should this be required by a new installation of the system.


For product activation, the program uses the HTTP protocol and port 80 (web communication) as well as encryption protocol SSL and port 443 to communicate with the Avira servers. If you are using a firewall, please ensure that the required connections and/or incoming or outgoing data are not blocked by the firewall.


You have the option of launching a product upgrade for a product from the Avira desktop product family (see Product information > Licensing and Upgrade). Enter the activation code for the product you want to upgrade in the Activation code input box. If an upgrade is available, the product is automatically installed.

Purchase/Extend license

This option is displayed if your license is still valid, has lapsed or, if you just have an evaluation license. Use this option to extend your product license or to buy a full version license. This requires an active Internet connection. Select the Purchase/Extend License option and click Next. Your Internet browser will open and you will reach the Avira online shop, where you can purchase a license.

Valid license file

You can load a valid license file via the license file link.

During product activation with a valid activation code the license key is generated, saved in the program directory of your Avira product and loaded. Use this option if you have already activated a product.

Proxy settings …

A dialog box will open when you click this button. If and when required, you can set here that you want to establish the Internet connection for product activation by a proxy server.

License management