The Scheduler gives you the option of creating scheduled scanning and update jobs , and adapting or deleting existing jobs.

The following job is created by default after installation:

  • Scan job Quick System Scan (enabled by default): A weekly quick system scan is automatically performed. During the quick system scan, only important files and folders on your computer are scanned for viruses or unwanted programs. You can modify the job Quick System Scan, but it is recommended to create other scan jobs, that would better reflect your needs.

Toolbar, shortcuts and context menu




Avira cc scheduler new Scheduler


Insert new job

Creates a new job. A wizard clearly guides you through the necessary settings.

Avira cc scheduler info Scheduler



Opens a dialog box with more information on the selected job.

Avira cc scheduler edit Scheduler


Edit job

Opens the wizard to create and alter a job.

Avira cc delete scheduler Scheduler


Delete job

Deletes the selected jobs from the list.

Avira cc report Scheduler


Display report file

The report file of the Scheduler is displayed.

Avira cc scheduler startjob Scheduler


Start job

Start a marked job from the list.

Avira cc scheduler stopjob Scheduler


Stop job

Stops a started and marked job.


Type of job



Avira cc scheduler update Scheduler

The job is an update job.

Avira cc scheduler scan Scheduler

The job is a scan job.


Name of the job.


Indicates whether the job is a scan or an update.


Indicates how often and when the job is started.

Display mode

The following display modes are available:

Invisible: The job is performed in the background and is not visible. This applies to scanning jobs and update jobs.

Minimize: The job window only displays a progress bar.

Maximize: The job window is completely visible.


The job is activated when you activate the check box.

If the frequency of the job was set to Immediate, the job is started as soon as it is activated. This gives you the ability to restart the job if necessary.


Displays the status of the job:

Ready: The job is ready for execution.

Running: The job has started and is being executed.

Create jobs with the Scheduler

The planning wizard supports you in planning, configuring and creating

  • a timed scan for viruses and unwanted programs

  • a timed update via the Internet

For both types of jobs you must enter

  • the name and the description of the job

  • when the job should be started

  • how often the job should be performed

  • the display mode of the job

Frequency of the job

Frequency of the job



Job is started immediately after ending the planning wizard.


Job is started daily at a certain time, e.g. 22:00.


Job is started weekly on a certain day or on several weekdays at a certain time, e.g. Tuesday and Friday, 16:26.


Job is performed at specific intervals, e.g. every 24 hours.


Job is performed once at a defined time, e.g. on 10.04.04 at 10:04.

Start time of the job

You can define a weekday, date, time or interval for the job start time. This is not displayed if you have entered Immediately as the start time.

Depending on the job type, there are various additional options

Repeat job if the time has already expired

Past jobs are performed that could not be performed at the required time, for example because the computer was switched off.
This option can be selected both with an update job and with a scan job that is to be performed daily, weekly, at intervals or once.

Shut down computer if job is done

The computer is shut down when the job is finished. Scan jobs can be displayed minimized and maximized.

With a scan job, it is possible to select pre-defined profiles.