Social Networks

Avira Social Network Protection is a web-based application that monitors your children’s activities online.  Its sole purpose is to help raise your and your children’s awareness of all the dangers lurking on the internet and to prevent your children from suffering any harm.
The Social Networks technology checks their social network accounts for comments, photos etc. that may influence your child’s reputation in a negative way or may indicate that your child is in danger. It then alerts you of questionable friends and potentially harmful activities on your child’s social network account including

  • contact from strangers

  • cyberbullying

  •  inappropriate content

  •  revealing personal information

  • careless, potentially reputation-damaging activities.

Avira Social Network Protection can monitor the following social networks:

  • Facebook

  • MySpace

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • Formspring


To enable monitoring of any of your children’s accounts you will need either their approval or their username and password for the respective account.

Further information:
Creating a Social Network Protection account
Logging into your Social Network Protection account

Social Networks