Web Protection

The Web Protection section shows information on scanned URLs, as well as other statistical data, which can be reset at any time, and enables access to the report file. More detailed information on the last virus or unwanted program detected can be obtained practically “at the push of a button”.




Avira cc report Web Protection

Show report file

The report file of the Web Protection is displayed.

Displayed information

Last reported URL

Displays the last URL detected by Web Protection.

Last detected virus or unwanted program

Gives the name of the last virus or unwanted program found.



Avira cc guard info Web Protection

Click the icon or link to display detailed information about the virus or unwanted program if an Internet connection is present.

Last scanned URL

Shows the name and path of the last URL checked by Web Protection.


Number of URLs

Shows the number of URLs checked to that point.

Number of detections

Shows the number of viruses and unwanted programs found so far.

Number of blocked URLs

Shows the number of previously blocked URLs.

Number of ignored URLs

Shows the number of previously ignored URLs.

Web Protection