Real-Time Protection

If viruses are detected by Real-Time Protection, file access is denied and a desktop notification is displayed


The following information is displayed in the notification:

  • Date and time of the detection

  • Path and name of the affected file

  • Name of the malware

When the default start mode for Real-Time Protection (Normal start) has been chosen and the logon process upon startup is carried out fast, programs configured to start automatically upon startup might not be scanned because they might be up and running before the Real-Time Protection has been started completely.

In interactive mode you have the following options:


The affected file is transferred to the System Scanner component and deleted by the System Scanner. No further message appears.


The affected file is transferred to the System Scanner component. The System Scanner opens a window containing notification of the detection and various options for managing the affected file.

Please note the information on virus management under Detection > System Scanner.


The action Quarantine is pre-selected by default in the System Scanner notification. Further actions can be selected via a context menu.



The message is closed. Virus management is terminated.

Real-Time Protection