In Product Messages

Product Message Subscription Center

You will reach the Product Message Subscription Center by clicking My communication settings in the context menu of the Avira Tray Icon or by clicking the symbol for Configuration in the slide-up of My messages.

  • You may influence the information flow by clicking the according ON/OFF button.

  • Click Update Profile to configure your personal messaging profile.

  • You receive the message that your profile was updated successfully.

  • Join us online by clicking on one of the links.

Current Information

The slide-up My messages is used as channel of communication for providing you with the newest developments on Internet security.

If there are no new messages, you receive the information No new messages available. Click OK to close the slide-up.

If new messages are available you have the following options:

  • Click Remind me later, if you want to read the message to a later time.

  • Click + Read more, for reading all details of the message.

  • Depending on the kind of message you will be directed to our home page or a new window will expand to provide the information to you.

  • Click the little x symbol to close single messages.

  • Click the symbol for Configuration in the header of the slide-up to create your personal messaging profile.

In Product Messages