Configuration Wizard

At the end of a user-defined installation, the configuration wizard is opened. The configuration wizard enables you to define custom settings for your Avira product.

  • Click Next in the welcome window of the configuration wizard to begin configuration of the program.

  • The Configure AHeAD dialog box enables you to select a detection level for the AHeAD technology. The detection level selected is used for the System Scanner (On-demand scan) and Real-Time Protection (On-access scan) AHeAD technology settings.

  • Select a detection level and continue the installation by clicking Next.

  • In the following dialog box Select extended threat categories, you can adapt the protective functions of your Avira product to the threat categories specified.

  • Where appropriate, activate further threat categories and continue the installation by clicking Next.

  • If you have selected the Avira Real-Time Protection installation module, the Real-Time Protection start mode dialog box appears. You can stipulate the Real-Time Protection start time. At each computer reboot, the Real-Time Protection will be started in the start mode specified.

The specified Real-Time Protection start mode is saved in the registry and cannot be changed via Configuration.


If the default start mode for Real-Time Protection (Normal start) has been chosen and the logon process upon startup is carried out fast, programs configured to start automatically upon startup might not be scanned, because they might be up and running before the Real-Time Protection has been started completely.

  • Enable the required option and continue the configuration by clicking Next.

  • In the following System scan dialog box, a quick system scan can be enabled or disabled. The quick system scan is performed after the configuration has been completed and before the computer is rebooted, and scans running programs and the most important system files for viruses and malware.

  • Enable or disable the Quick system scan option and continue the configuration by clicking Next.

  • In the following dialog box, you can complete the configuration by clicking Finish

  • The specified and selected settings are accepted.

  • If you have enabled the Quick system scan option, the Luke Filewalker window opens. The Scanner performs a quick system scan.

  • If you are asked to restart your computer after the scan, click Yes to ensure that your system is fully protected.

After a successful installation, we recommend that you check whether the program is up-to-date in the Status field of the Control Center.

  • If your Avira product shows that your computer is not secure, click Fix problem.

  • The dialog Restore protection opens.

  • Activate the preset options in order to maximize the security of your system.

  • If appropriate, perform a complete system scan afterwards.

Configuration wizard