Custom installation

Installing your Avira product:

Start the installation program by double-clicking the installation file you have downloaded from the Internet or insert the program CD.

Internet-based installation

  • The Welcome screen appears.

  • Click Next to continue with the installation.

  • The dialog Language selection appears.

  • Select the language you want to use to install your Avira product and confirm your language selection by clicking Next.

  • The dialog box Download appears. All files necessary for installation are downloaded from the Avira web servers. The Download window closes after conclusion of the download.

Installation with an installation package

  • The window Preparing installation appears.

  • The installation file is extracted. The installation routine is started.

  • The dialog box Choose installation type appears.

By default Express installation is preset. All standard components will be installed which you may not configure. If you would like to execute an Express installation, please refer to the chapter: Installation and uninstallation > Express installation.

  • Choose Custom to install individual program components.

  • Confirm that you accept the End User License Agreement. For reading the detailed text of the End User License Agreement, click the EULA link.

  • Click Next.

  • The dialog box Join the millions of Avira users who already use Avira SearchFree appears.

  • If you do not want to install the Avira SearchFree Toolbar, please unmark the checkbox with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar and the Avira SearchFree Updater End User License Agreement, and the one that defines Avira SearchFree ( as your browser homepage.

If necessary, please uninstall any previously installed search toolbars before you install the Avira SearchFree Toolbar. Otherwise you will not be able to install the Avira SearchFree Toolbar.

  • Click Next.

  • The Choose Destination Folder window opens.

  • The default folder will be C:Program FilesAviraAntiVir Desktop

  • Click Next to continue.

  • -OR-

  • Use the Browse button to select a different destination folder and confirm by clicking Next.

  • The Install components dialog appears.

  • Select or deselect components from the list and confirm with Next to proceed.

  • In the following dialog box you can decide whether to create a desktop shortcut and/or a program group in the Start menu.

  • Click Next.

  • Click Finish to end setup process.

  • The Installation Wizard is closed and the Configuration Wizard will open.

Custom installation