Before installation, check whether your computer fulfills all the minimum system requirements. If your computer satisfies all requirements, you can install the Avira product.


When installing on a server operating system, the Real-Time Protection and the files protection are not available.


  • Close your email program. It is also recommended to end all running applications.

  • Make sure that no other virus protection solutions are installed. The automatic protection functions of various security solutions may interfere with each other.

  • The Avira product will search for any possible incompatible software on your computer.

  • If potentially incompatible software is detected Avira generates a list of these programs.

  • It is recommended to remove these software programs in order not to endanger the stability of your computer.

  • Select from the list the check boxes of all those programs that should be removed automatically from your computer and click Next.

  • You have to confirm manually the uninstallation of some programs. Select the programs and click Next.

  • The uninstallation of one or more of the selected programs requires a restart of your computer. After rebooting the installation will continue.

Your computer will not be protected until the installation of the Avira product is finished.


The installation program runs in self-explanatory dialog mode. Every window contains a certain selection of buttons to control the installation process.

The most important buttons are assigned the following functions:

  • OK: Confirm action.

  • Abort: Abort action.

  • Next: Go to next step.

  • Back: Go to previous step.

  • Establish an Internet connection: The Internet connection is necessary for performing the following installation steps:

  • Downloading the current program file and scan engine as well as the latest virus definition files via the installation program (for Internet-based installation)

  • Where appropriate, carrying out an update after completed installation

  • Keep the activation code or license file for your Avira product handy when you want to activate the program.

  • Note
    Internet-based installation:
    For the Internet-based installation of the program, an installation program is provided that loads the current program file prior to installation by the Avira web servers. This process ensures that your Avira product is installed with the latest virus definition file.

    Installation with an installation package:
    The installation package contains both the installation program and all necessary program files. No language selection for your Avira product is available for installation with an installation package. We recommend that you carry out an update of the virus definition file after installation.