In order to protect your privacy and to protect your personal data if you cannot find your device, Avira Free Android Security offers four features via the Avira Android Web Console:

Remote Scream

You prompt an alarm on your device that lasts 20 seconds.

Remote Location Tracking

You activate a location command that gives back the location parameters of the device.

Remote Lock

You may lock your device immediately using a 4 digit PIN.

Remote Wipe

You may remove data from the SIM card or internal and external memory cards. You may also perform a factory reset of your device via the Web Console.

For triggering a Factory Reset command to delete all data from your device in case of loss or theft, you have to activate the function Device administrator during setup.

In order to block certain phone numbers, Avira Free Android Security offers a so-called blacklist feature on your device.


You may add contacts to the blacklist from call log, SMS log and your list of contacts, or you may create manually a contact you want to block.

The Web Console

The Avira Android Web Console is a browser based control center designed for managing the security functions. You will use the Dashboard of the Web Console for handling your account and for triggering remote features such as Locate Device, Lock, Trigger Scream or Wipe.

The Avira Android Web Console consists of a title bar, a side bar and the main screen with several tabs. The title bar displays your login credentials and contains links to the Support section and to your Account Management. On the side bar your registered devices are listed. On the main screen of the Web Console you find all security features for the app as well as information about the Blacklist feature on your device.