On the Lock tab you have to enter a 4 digit PIN to lock and unlock your device. You may type in a customized message that will be displayed on the locked screen of your device. You can add a telephone number that can be called using the Call owner button on the locked device.

Avira android triggerlock Lock

It is strongly recommended to lock your device in order to trigger a wipe command. Please backup important data regularly. When there is a need to wipe the device, there is no opportunity to backup data at that moment.

  • Type in a 4 digit PIN into the Enter PIN field.

  • Confirm your PIN in the field below.

  • Click OK to trigger the lock.

  • You can unlock the device by entering the PIN on the device or by clicking the Unlock button on the Lock tab of your Web Console account.

  • You will only be able to unlock your device manually, if you have set a PIN beforehand. If you have forgotten the PIN you set, you will need to unlock your device via the Unlock button of your Web Console account.

  • Type in a customized message into the field Display message when lost  suitable to be displayed on your locked device, e.g. type a text and your email address to make it easy for the finder to get into contact with you.

  • Enter a telephone number that can be called using the Call owner button on the locked device into the field Alternate number to call if found. Use a trustworthy telephone number, such as your home phone number or a friend’s telephone number.

  • Click Lock in order to save the PIN to your device.

  • Click OK to lock the device.

  • Click Unlock if you want to unlock your device using the Web Console