The Dashboard of Avira Free Android Security Web Console

The Dashboard tab contains different information about your device as well as control buttons for triggering actions to secure your device.

Avira android  dashboard device admin on The Dashboard

Device information

  • Brand: The brand of your device.

  • Model: The model identity of your device.

  • IMEI: The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-place number to identify mobile phones as well as some satellite phones.

  • OS version: The version number of your Android Operating System.

  • App Version: The version number of the Avira app currently installed. A red warning symbol is displayed if the version you are using is not up-to-date.

  • Dev. Admin.: Shows whether the device administrator is currently enabled. A red warning symbol is displayed if the function is not enabled.

  • Battery: Information of the charging level of the battery in percent.

  • Phone no: The phone number stored on the SIM card.

  • Network: The mobile network the SIM card belongs to.

  • Country: The home country of the SIM card.

  • Refresh: The refresh button to update the device information.

Location tracking

Avira android locate The Dashboard

  • Last located: The time when a device was last tracked, e.g. “5 hours ago”, “3 days ago”.

  • Latitude: The exact latitude of the device’s location.

  • Longitude: The exact longitude of the device’s location.

Lock device

Avira android lock The Dashboard

  • Last action: The last action that was taken via the Web Console, e.g. “Lock”.

  • Last trigger: The time when a device was last locked / unlocked.

Trigger scream

Avira android scream The Dashboard

  • Last triggered: The time when an alarm was last sent to a device.

Wipe data

Avira android wipe The Dashboard

  • Last wipe: The time when a device was last wiped.

  • Type: The type of wipe action performed on the device.


Avira android blacklist The Dashboard

  • Use this feature to block unwanted calls and SMS.

The Dashboard