The Web Console

After successful installation you have to register your device to access the Avira Web Console.

  • The Avira Web Console consists of a title bar, a side bar and the main screen with several tabs.

  • The title bar displays your login credentials and contains links to the Support section and to your Account management. Furthermore, you may select the language settings for the Avira Web Console here.

  • On the side bar your registered devices are listed.

  • Each registered device is displayed on a single field:

  • Click the Edit button on the device‚Äôs field to be forwarded straight to the Settings tab of the Web Console where you can manage the name and the telephone number of your device.

  • At the bottom of the side bar you find a link to specify and save a personal security question.

  • On the main screen of the Web Console you find all security features to control your device as well as information about your blacklist content.

The Tabs of the Web Console screen

The Web Console screen has the following tabs:

The Web Console