Creating an Android account

To keep an eye on your device and to protect your personal data by remote controls from the Web Console, you have to create an Avira Free Android Security account.

  • Open the Control Center of your Avira product.

  • Click Control Center > Mobile Protection > Avira Free Android Security.

  • The Avira Free Android Security download page opens.

Avira android download Creating an Android account

  • Click Download Now.

  • The Google Play Android Apps page opens.

  • Click Install.

  • You are asked to sign in to download Avira Free Android Security app.

  • Click Sign in to Google.

  • Enter your email address and your password.

  • Click Sign in.

  • Select the device to which Avira Free Android Security will be downloaded.

  • Click Install.

  • The application is downloaded to your device.

  • Open Avira Free Android Security on your device.

  • The new features of the app are introduced to you. Afterwards you are asked to register your device on the Avira Free Android Security Registration Screen. To do so, you may use your Google account or an email address by a different provider.

  • The Your Account screen opens.

  • Enter your login credentials.

  • Tap Accept EULA and Continue to proceed.

  • Avira will send you a confirmation email for your new account. This information email includes a link to enabling you to set your personal password for the log in to Avira Free Android Security Web Console.

  • Click the link inside the confirmation email to set a password and to activate the account.

  • You can now control your devices using the Avira Free Android Security Web Console:

Creating an Android account