Installation and Uninstallation of Avira Free Android Security

Download and Installation

Download the Avira Free Android Security app directly from Google Play to your device and install the app. After successful installation, the new features of the app are introduced to you. Afterwards you are asked to register your device on the Avira Free Android Security Registration Screen. To do so, you may use your Google account or an email address by a different provider. You need a stable Internet connection for the registration process.

Avira android  register 1 Installation and Uninstallation

  • Tap OK on your device to open the registration form.

  • Enter your Google account or a different email address.

  • Tap Accept EULA and Continue to proceed.

  • Avira will send you a confirmation email for your new Avira Free Android Security account to the email address you have set. This confirmation email includes a link enabling you to set your personal password for the log in to the Android Web Console.

  • Click the link inside the confirmation email to set a password and to activate the Android Web Console.

  • You can now control remotely your devices using the Web Console.

In order to allow Avira Free Android Security to wipe all data with a Factory Reset command from your device – for example in case of loss or theft – you have to activate the function Device administrator during setup:

Avira android wipe question Installation and Uninstallation

  • To activate the function Device administrator, tap the button Enable.

  • The dialog Activate device administrator will open.

  • Confirm the activation of Device administrator by tapping the button Activate.

  • This way you are allowing Avira Free Android Security  to erase all data from the device should you ever want to execute a Factory Reset command.

In the case you are unsure about installing the function Device administrator during setup, you can always activate this configuration option at a later date. Please perform the following steps:

  • Open Avira Free Android Security on your device.

Avira android device menu Installation and Uninstallation

  • Tap the button Settings.

  • You can now see that the option to erase all data by a Factory Reset command is disabled.

  • Tap the field Wipe settings.

  • The Wipe with factory reset dialog will open. You are asked to activate Device administrator.

  • Tap the button Enable at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Confirm the activation of the Device administrator by tapping Activate.

  • You are now informed that the Wipe with factory reset is enabled.

  • Note
    You may enable or disable the function Device administrator at any time via the Avira Free Android Security application on your device, by choosing Settings > Wipe settings > Wipe with factory reset > Enable / Disable.

Installation via PC

You may download Avira Free Android Security app via PC.

  • Open Google Play on your PC.

  • Search for the  Avira Free Android Security app.

  • Click Install to download the application to your PC.

  • You are asked to sign-in to install the app.

  • Click Sign In to get access to your Google account.

  • Type in your login credentials

  • Click OK to download the application to a selected device.

  • Avira Free Android Security app will be downloaded to this device.

  • Click OK to close the download dialog.

  • The Google Play website opens again and the Installed button displays that the application is already downloaded to your device.


To uninstall Avira Free Android Security, two steps should be performed. You have to uninstall the application from your device and you have to delete the device from your Avira Android Web Console account.

Please make sure that you have deactivated the function Device administrator on the device before you uninstall Avira Free Android Security.

If you want to uninstall Avira Free Android Security, use the uninstall wizard of Avira Free Android Security or go to the Application Management of your device.

If you use the uninstallation wizard, navigate from the Help button to the Go to uninstallation button.

  • Tap Help > Uninstall > Go to uninstallation.

  • The status information screen about device administrator opens.

  • Tap Device Administrator to deactivate the feature, if necessary.

  • Tap Continue to proceed with uninstall process.

  • The uninstallation survey screen opens.

  • Please select all answers that apply to you.

  • You can write a more detailed comment in the comment field.

  • Tap Continue to proceed with uninstallation.

  • Tap OK to finish the uninstall process.

If you want to uninstall the app via the Application Management of your device, navigate from the Settings button of your device to the Manage applications function.

  • Tap the Avira Free Android Security app and choose Uninstall.

  • Confirm the uninstall process.

Furthermore you have to delete the device from the Avira Free Android Security Account of the Web Console.

  • Open the Avira Web Console.

  • Click the link Account in the title bar.

  • Go to the Device Management and open the drop down menu Available devices.

  • Select the device from which you want to delete the Avira Free Android Security App.

  • Click Delete device to remove the device from your account.

Renewed Installation

After uninstalling all your devices you are no longer able to access the Avira Web Console.

You may install Avira Free Android Security again on your device by using your previous email account.

  • Enter the Web Console with your former login credentials.

  • You may change your password after login by navigating to the Password Management.

    Choose Account > Password Management, type your new password and confirm it.

  • If you cannot remember your password, click the link Forgot your password? at login.

  • You are asked to send us your email address and we will send you a recover link so that you can set your password again.

Installation and Uninstallation