Avira SearchFree Toolbar includes two main components: Avira SearchFree and the Toolbar.

The Avira SearchFree Toolbar is installed as an add-on. When the browser is first accessed (in Firefox and Internet Explorer) a message will pop-up, asking you for permission to install the toolbar. You will have to accept in order to complete a successful installation of Avira SearchFree Toolbar.

Avira SearchFree is a search engine and contains a clickable Avira logo linked to the Avira website and web, image and video channels. This allows Avira users a safer Internet navigation.

The toolbar, integrated in your web browser, consists of a search box, an Avira logo linked to the Avira website, two status displays, three widgets and the Options menu.

  • Search toolbar
    Use the search toolbar for free to quickly search the Internet using the Avira search engine.

  • Status display
    The status displays provide information on the status of the Web Protection and the current update status of your Avira product and helps you identify which actions you need to take to protect your PC.

  • Widgets
    Avira offers you three widgets to the most important Internet-related functions. With one click you have direct access to Facebook and your email, or you can ensure safe web browsing (Firefox and Internet Explorer only).

  • Options
    You can use the Options menu to access the toolbar options, clear the history, find toolbar help and information and also uninstall the Avira SearchFree Toolbar directly via the web browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer only).

Avira SearchFree Toolbar