Avira SearchFree

You can use Avira SearchFree to define any number of terms to browse the Internet.

Enter the term in the search box and press the Enter key or click on Search. The Avira SearchFree engine then searches the Internet for you and displays all hits in the browser window.

To find out how to custom configure Avira SearchFree in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, go to Options.

Status display

Web Protection
You can use the following icons and messages to identify which actions you need to take to protect your PC:

Avira toolbar green Use     Web Protection

If you move the cursor over the icon, the following message appears: Avira Web Protection is active. Your browsing is protected.

  • No further action is necessary.

Avira toolbar yellow Use     Web Protection is inactive

If you move the cursor over the icon, the following message appears: Avira Web Protection is off.  Click to find out how to turn it on.

  • You will be redirected to one of our Knowledge Base articles.

Avira toolbar red Use     No Web Protection

If you move the cursor over the icon, one of the following messages appears:

  • You do not have Avira Web Protection installed. Click to find out how to protect your browsing.
  • This message will appear if you install incorrectly or uninstall the Avira Antivirus.
  • Web Protection is included for free with Avira Antivirus. Click to find out how to install it.
  • This message will appear if you do not install Web Protection or if you uninstall it.
  • In both cases, you will be redirected to the Avira homepage, where you can download the Avira product .

Avira toolbar grey Use   Error

If you move the cursor over the icon, the following message appears: Avira reported an error. Click to contact Support for help.

  • Click the gray icon or text to go to the Avira Support page.


Avira SearchFree contains three widgets with the most important functions for the nowadays Internet web browsing:  Facebook, E-mail and  Browser Security.


This function allows you to receive all the messages from Facebook and to be always updated.


If you click the email symbol in the toolbar, a dropdown list  will be shown. You can choose between the most commonly used email providers.

Browser Security

This widget has been conceived to offer you in one click all the Internet security options you may need on daily basis. This option is only available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Also the names of the functions sometimes change from one browser to another:

  • Pop-up Blocker

If this option is activated, all pop-up windows will be blocked.

  • Block Cookies

If you activate this option, no cookies will be saved on your computer.

  • Private Browsing (Firefox) / InPrivate Browsing (Internet Explorer)

 Enable this option if you do not want to leave any personal information on the Internet while you surf. This option is not available for Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

  • Clear Recent History (Firefox) / Delete Browsing History (Internet Explorer)

With this option you will erase all traces of your Internet activities.

Website Safety Advisor

The Website Safety Advisor offers you a safety ranking while navigating.
You can assess the reputation of the website you are visiting, and check if it poses a low or a high risk to your security.
This widget also provides further information on the website, like who is the domain owner, or why the website has been categorized as safe or risky.

The status of the Website Safety Advisor is displayed in the Toolbar and in your search results, as an Avira tray icon in combination with other icons:

Avira safety advisor green Use     Safe

A green check mark for safe websites.

Avira safety advisor yellow Use     Low risk

A yellow exclamation mark for websites representing a low risk.

Avira safety advisor red Use     High risk

A red stop sign for websites representing a high risk to your security.

Avira safety advisor grey Use     Unknown

A grey question mark will appear when the status is unknown.

Avira safety advisor verifying Use     Verifying

This sign will appear while verifying the status of a website.

Browser Tracking Blocker

With the Browser Tracking Blocker you can stop trackers from collecting information about you while you are surfing.
The widget allows you to choose which trackers to block and which ones to allow.

The tracking companies are classified in three categories:

  • Social Networks

  • Ad Networks

  • Other companies