Perform automatic updates

To create a job with the Avira Scheduler to update your Avira product automatically:

  • In the Control Center, select the section ADMINISTRATION > Scheduler.

  • Click the Avira cc scheduler new Automatic product update Insert new job icon.

  • The dialog box Name and description of the job appears.

  • Give the job a name and, where appropriate, a description.

  • Click Next.

  • The dialog box Type of job is displayed.

  • Select Update job from the list.

  • Click Next.

  • The dialog box Time of job appears.

  • Select a time for the update:

  • Immediately

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Interval

  • Single

We recommend regular and frequent updates. The recommended update interval is: 6 hours.

  • Where appropriate, specify a date according to the selection.

  • Where appropriate, select additional options (availability depends on type of job):

  • Repeat job if time has expired

  • Past jobs are performed that could not be performed at the required time, for example because the computer was switched off.

  • Click Next.

  • The dialog box Select display mode appears.

  • Select the display mode of the job window:

  • Invisible: No job window

  • Minimize: progress bar only

  • Maximize: Entire job window

  • Click Finish.

  • Your newly created job appears on the start page of the ADMINISTRATION > Scheduler section with the status enabled (check mark).

  • Where appropriate, deactivate jobs that are not to be performed.

Use the following icons to further define your jobs:

Avira cc scheduler info Automatic product update     View properties of a job

Avira cc scheduler edit Automatic product update     Edit job

Avira cc delete scheduler Automatic product update     Delete job

Avira cc scheduler startjob Automatic product update     Start job

Avira cc scheduler stopjob Automatic product update     Stop job

Automatic product update