Control Center

The Control Center is designed to monitor the protection status of your computer systems and control and operate the protection components and functions of your Avira product.

Avira cc main Control Center

The Control Center window is divided into three areas: The Menu bar, the Navigation bar and the detail window Status:

  • Menu bar: In the Control Center menu bar, you can access general program functions and information on the program.

  • Navigation area: In the navigation area, you can easily swap between the individual sections of the Control Center. The individual sections contain information and functions of the program components and are arranged in the navigation bar according to activity. Example: Activity PC PROTECTION – Section Real-Time Protection.

  • Status: The Control Center opens with the Status view, where you can see at a glance, if your computer is safe, and you have an overview of the active modules, the date of the last backup and the date of the last system scan. The Status view also contains buttons for starting features or actions, such as starting or stopping the Real-Time Protection.

Starting and closing of Control Center

To start the Control Center the following options are available:

  • Double-click the program icon on your desktop

  • Via the program entry in the Start > Programs menu.

Close the Control Center via the menu command Close in the menu File or by clicking on the close tab in the Control Center.

Operate Control Center

To navigate in the Control Center

  • Select an activity in the navigation bar.

  • The activity opens and other sections appear. The first section of the activity is selected and displayed in the view.

  • If necessary, click another section to display this in the detail window.

You can activate the keyboard navigation in the menu bar with the help of the [Alt] key. If navigation is activated, you can move within the menu with the arrow keys. With the Return key you activate the active menu item.
To open or close menus in the Control Center, or to navigate within the menus, you can also use the following key combinations: [Alt] + underlined letter in the menu or menu command. Hold down the [Alt] key  if you want to access a menu, a menu command or a submenu.

To process data or objects displayed in the detail window:

  • Highlight the data or object you wish to edit.

  • To highlight multiple elements (elements in columns), hold down the control key or the shift key while selecting the elements.

  • Click the appropriate button in the upper bar of the detail window to edit the object.

Control Center