Delivery scope

Your Avira product has the following functions:

  • Control Center for monitoring, managing and controlling the entire program

  • Central configuration with user-friendly standard and advanced options and context-sensitive help

  • System Scanner (on-demand scan) with profile-controlled and configurable scan for all known types of virus and malware

  • Integration into the Windows Vista User Account Control allows you to carry out tasks requiring administrator rights.

  • Real-Time Protection (on-access scan) for continuous monitoring of all file access attempts

  • Avira SearchFree Toolbar, a search toolbar integrated in the web browser providing quick and convenient search options. It also includes widgets of the most common Internet functions.

  • Web Protection (for Avira Free Antivirus users, only in combination with the Avira SearchFree) for monitoring data and files transferred from the Internet using the HTTP protocol (monitoring of ports 80, 8080, 3128)

  • Avira Social Network Protection, a monitoring tool, informs parents of their children’s online activities. It checks their social network accounts for comments, photos etc. that may influence the child’s reputation in a negative way or may indicate that the child is in danger.

  • Avira Free Android Security app is not only focused on anti-theft measures. The app helps you to get back your mobile device once you have misplaced it, or even worse: if it has been stolen. Furthermore the app allows you to block incoming calls or SMS. Avira Free Android Security protects cell phones and smartphones running with the Android operating system.

  • Integrated quarantine management to isolate and process suspicious files

  • Rootkits protection for detecting hidden malware installed in your computer system (rootkits)
    (Not available under Windows XP 64 bit)

  • Direct access to detailed information on the detected viruses and malware via the Internet

  • Simple and quick updates to the program, virus definitions, and search engine through Single File Update and incremental VDF updates via a web server on the Internet

  • Integrated Scheduler for planning one-off or recurring jobs such as updates or scans

  • Extremely high virus and malware detection via innovative scanning technology (scan engine) including heuristic scanning method

  • Detection of all conventional archive types including detection of nested archives and smart extension detection

  • High-performance multithreading function (simultaneous high-speed scanning of multiple files)

Delivery scope