System Scanner

With the System Scanner component, you can carry out targeted scans (on-demand scans) for viruses and unwanted programs. The following options are available for scanning for infected files:

  • System scan via context menu
    The system scan via the context menu (right-hand mouse button – entry Scan selected files with Avira) is recommended if, for example, you wish to scan individual files and directories. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to first start the Control Center for a system scan via the context menu.

  • System scan via drag & drop
    When a file or directory is dragged into the program window of the Control Center, the System Scanner scans the file or directory and all sub-directories it contains. This procedure is recommended if you wish to scan individual files and directories that you have saved, for example, on your desktop.

  • System scan via profiles
    This procedure is recommended if you wish to regularly scan certain directories and drives (e.g. your work directory or drives on which you regularly store new files). You do not then need to select these directories and drives again for every new scan, you simply select using the relevant profile. See System scan via profiles.

  • System scan via the Scheduler
    The Scheduler enables you to carry out time-controlled scans. See System scan via the Scheduler.

Special processes are required when scanning for rootkits, boot sector viruses, and when scanning active processes. The following options are available:

  • Scan for rootkits via the scan profile Scan for Rootkits and active malware

  • Scan active processes via the scan profile Active processes

  • Scan for boot sector viruses via the menu command Boot records scan… in the menu Extras

System Scanner