The Updater window opens at the start of an update.

Avira updater main Updater

For update jobs created in Scheduler, you can define the display mode for the update window: You can select Hide, Minimize or Maximize.

If you are using a program in fullscreen mode (e.g. games) and the updater’s display mode is set to maximized or minimized, the updater will switch to the desktop. To prevent this, start the updater with the display mode set to hide. In this mode you will no longer be notified about updates by the update window.

Status: Shows the proceeding of the updater.

Current file: Name of the file that is being downloaded at the moment.

Time elapsed: Time which has elapsed since starting the download.

Time remaining: Time until download is finished.

Download speed: Speed of download.

Downloaded bytes: Bytes already downloaded.

Remaining bytes: Bytes left to download.

Buttons and links

Button / link


Avira cc help Updater

This page of the online help is opened via this button or link.


The display window of the updater will appear in a reduced size.


The display window of the updater will be re-established to its original size.


The update procedure will be canceled. The updater will be closed.


The update procedure is completed. The display window will be closed.


The report file of the update is displayed.